software of life: bioelectric controls in a unique reprogrammable medium

How does the developing embryo know where to put the features of the face, the limbs, fingers, organs, bones and all those other amazing facets of our physiology? It has to do with the body’s innate bioelectrical system, says Professor Michael Levin from Tufts University in the US. In a fascinating experiment, Levin showed that …

ADHD and the brain: no one size fits all

If you live with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), your brain, not your willpower, may play a role in your symptoms. Living with ADHD can be frustrating. You may want to concentrate more, follow conversations better, or be more organized. But if you live with ADHD, doing these things can be challenging. People around you …

Living whole

healing is about remembering that you are already whole

Buddhist Therapist

The relationship between mental health, spirituality and politics told from the point of view of a working psychotherapist.

The Chrysalis

"For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern" -- William Blake


A progressive neuronophilic insight into the mysteries of the universe


Eternal in Knowledge, Eternal in Contents..

BreathWorks With Joy

Wholistic Coaching and Yoga Therapeutics


Healing Mind Body and Soul

Meditation for Health

Advanced scientific knowledge, traditional meditation methods

Cognition Today

Psychological Science & Research Insights


Understanding the encultured brain


for breathwork, psychology, health and wellbeing

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